Tiffany Heard

Pole Dance Instructor

Tiffany is a Registered Dental Hygienist who was introduced to pole dance and fitness in 2011. She is a CPFA certified pole fitness instructor, who began teaching in 2013. In a quest to inspire students and conquer fears, Tiffany has competed in Canada, USA and Europe. When not hanging upside down or engaging in studio shenanigans and laughter, Tiffany is a proud mother.

Certification & Training

  • CFES Fitness Knowledge Certification.
  • CPFA Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Pole Fit Instructor Certifications.
  • CPFA Beginner/ Intermediate Spin Pole Instructor Certification Workshop.
  • CPFA Beginner Flexibility Certification Course.
  • International Pole Sport Federation Code of Points.
  • Safe Spotting Workshop, Aryn Savard.
  • PSO Unicorn.

Performance & Competition

  • Vertical Love Showcase, March 2015.
  • Canadian Aerial Championships, Level 2 Championship Senior, First Place, May 2016.
  • Midwest Presentational Showcase, Chicago IL, NAPDC, July 2016.
  • Arnold Sports Festival , Columbus OH, PCS Women’s Novice Finals, March 2017.
  • Arnold Sports Festival, Columbus OH, PCS Masters Finals, March 2018.
  • PSO Canada East Championships, Level 4 Dramatic, Masters, First Place, December 2018.
  • PSO Atlantic Pole Championships, Washington DC, Level 4 Dramatic Masters, First Place, March 2019.
  • Aerial Universe Championships, Zagreb Croatia, Women’s Masters Finals, Third Place, May 2019.
  • PSO Pacific, Emerald & After Dark, Virtual Competition Judge, July 2020.
  • Virtual Canadian Pole Fitness and Aerial Championships, Masters Division, First Place, June 2021.
  • PSO Gemini Virtual Championship, Level 4 Masters, First Place, June 2021.