Pole Dance Instructor

Born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica, Cheyanne has always had an affinity for creativity and the creative arts. She was introduced to the world of modern dancing at the tender age of 3 and since then have always had a passion for dance, art, movement and other artistic forms and expressions

Cheyanne moved to Canada in 2010 where she pursued post- secondary studies and eventually found her love for pole dancing in 2018 when she took her first class with the intention of trying something new for fitness that would allow her to dance at the same time. Ever since that time Cheyanne knew she found a true love. She simply fell in love with the challenge, the grace and the artistry that pole presented.

As an instructor, she hopes to inspire that fire and passion within beginners and to assist in opening more hearts and minds towards this beautiful art form and sport. She wants to show the world that pole is for anyone and everyone.

Pole has become one of her passions and has helped her to become more disciplined, persevering and aware of the potential of the human body. When Cheyanne is not poling, she works as a full time Dental Hygienist in Newmarket and spends time with her cross-eyed cat Guinness.