Inverted Combos

Pre-requisites: Intro to Inverts, Tricks with Trissy
It is recommend that for this class you bring / wear:
Shorts & a sports bra

In this class you will begin to take your pole dancing to the next level by learning how to seamlessly move from one trick into the next, transitioning up and down the pole. This is where we really get creative and you will once again be challenged! A mixed level class for intermediate/advanced who are ready to learn how to form unique combos, you will learn that the possibilities are endless. Here is where we test our strength, flexibility, endurance, grace and will power. In this class you will be expected to execute all of our Beginner and intermediate level Inverts without assistance or crash matt. In order to be able to move from one trick to the next you need to know both of those tricks pretty well and this is not the time to be learning them. Each of your classes will consist of: a warm up, a series of drills, review of previous inverted tricks included in the daily combo, breakdown of the new inverted combo, and a cool down.

This class is designed for our top Pole Dancers and it is a great achievement to advance into this class, please do not rush your journey and understand that the athletes in this top level class have been training for years. When you first join this class it can be overwhelming but just as with every level that came before it; take your time, master each skill, always ask for help when you need it, talk to your instructor. You instructors are well educated and are exploding with a passion for this sport and for their students success. Everyone’s pole journey is uniquely their own with many twists and turns.