Intro to Exotic with Kim

It is recommended that you have some Pole experience Ie: Beginner spin, Beginner Spins & Transitions but it is not mandatory It is recommend that for this class you bring / wear: Pole Shorts, Sports Bra, Tank Top, Knee pads, Heels  

Welcome to Exotic, it is incredible, invigorating, and incredible. This class is going to take your Pole experience to a whole new level! Exotic involves the ultimate muscle engagement. You will learn how to stand tall, with a look that just exudes confidence. Learning how to control and take ownership of your body is one of the best skills you can learn from Pole.

Our Intro to Exotic class will incorporate; Floorwork, exotic transitions, spins and climbs. You will learn how to move your body in beautifully twisted movements and positions, this class is taught on a choreography styled outline and is focused on basic pirouettes, hair flicks, body waves and step arounds. You will require heel & knee pads and a little bit of Pole experience.

This class is designed to be taught one month at a time, meaning you will have 4 full classes to learn and master each routine (pre-registration is required for all 4 classes). By your last class of the month you will know the routine by heart and will be excited to perform it with confidence and grace. With our Choreography programming, the more classes you take the faster you learn, the easier the classes become, so please be expected to be challenged in the beginning but do not give up!