Intermediate Transitions

It is recommend that for this class you bring / wear:
Socks, leggings & shorts, tank top.

This class is a game changer, this is where you will be introduced to the wonderful world of Climbs and Holds, as well as begin to learn Ariel transitioning movements and the skills required to help you float around your pole. You will be introduced to key elements and moves needed when moving from a spin into a hold. This class spends more time our spin poles and will help you to build your strength and cardio endurance. Each class consists of a warm up, a series of drills, a review of previous Transitions and when to use them, a new transition, dance out and a cool down.

The drills in this class are designed to help you build the strength require to perform these movements, as you level up in your classes you will be assigned ascending drills. This class may make you a little dizzy at times and is designed to challenge you as you progress in your pole journey. The skills you will learn will take all the way up the pole to new heights in the days to come.