May 2021

This month we have our regular morning fitness classes available from Monday to Friday at 10 am for $25.00 monthly unlimited or $5.00 per class

And we have added amazing evening programs for you to enjoy:

Salsa on Monday’s at 6pm with Diana
Yoga on Tuesday’s at 6pm with Kally
Jazz Funk on Wednesday’s at 6pm with Riley
#STRIPPLASTIC on Thursday’s at 6pm with Alena
Evening dance classes (Salsa, Jazz Funk & #STRIPPLASTIC) are $35.00 for the entire month or $10.00 a class
Yoga is $25.00 for the entire month or $5.00 a class

We also have an awesome workshop for you to enjoy this month:
Intro to Handstand with Kala is a 4 week workshop offered every Friday at 6pm. $80.00 per person

You can also purchase the Ultimate Unlimited package for $100.00 which includes all programs on the May schedule

Pre-registration is required and can be done on our website at
Text (416)890-4441 for more information

Join us online Monday evenings at 6 pm starting May 3rd for Salsa with Diana

$35.00 for the entire month or $10.00 per class (registration is required)

Let’s learn some 1 2 3, 5 6 7 SALSA! Come and have a good time while you learn the basic steps, lady style, variations, combos, choreos and more! Let’s have fun!!

Join us online in our Zoom Room Tuesday’s at 6 pm for Yoga with Kally

Our monthly zoom pass is only $25.00 or you can pay per class for only $5.00 each

Join us online Wednesday evenings at 6 pm starting May 5th for Jazz Funk with Riley

$35.00 for the entire month or $10.00 per class (registration is required)

Jazz Funk, also know as Street Jazz, is a high energy choreography class that borrows movement from other dance styles such as ballet-modern-hip hop- to lyrical.
All styles wrap up into a jazz funk style that is both fun and expressive!

Join us online Thursday evenings at 6 pm starting May 6th for #STRIPPLASTIC with Alena

$35.00 for the entire month or $10.00 per class (registration is required)

Gain strength and flexibility and learn the most sensual dance from basics.

What’s in the program?

Body waves, isolations, floorwork, leg work, basic acro, transitions, heels techniques, dance routines.

What do you need for classes? Some floor space, knee pads, socks, heels are preferred but not mandatory.

This class will be useful for beginners, as well as for those who want to expand their dance vocabulary.

Join us online Friday evenings at 6 pm starting May 7th for our Intro to Handstands 4 week workshop with Kala

Intro to handstands: Focused on the fundamentals of hand balancing. Includes basic shoulder and ab conditioning, beginner wall drills and beginner kick up drills all designed to help with strength and the body awareness.

Zoom Room Monday to Friday for at homework outs!
We have classes running:
10 am – 11 am
Book your class and come and go as you need 15 min, 30 min or 60 min
Can’t make day time classes, no problem you can always request a full length workout video for any of the classes, so you can workout at home on your own time.
Our monthly zoom pass is only $25.00 or you can pay per class / video for only $5.00 each

Welcome Spring 2021

In this newsletter you will find our April 2021 Schedule, all of our Saturday and Sunday Workshops as well as a sneak peek at our brand new Swag line.

Here is our April Schedule, you can now book in for the entire month or go week by week (while spots are still available) Our morning online fitness classes are now available as 15 min, 30 min or an hour. Join when you can and stay as long as you would like, between 10 am – 11 am.

For the month of April we are now offering workshops Saturday & Sunday from 12:30 pm to 2:30pm. $45.00 per person. Sign up by texting (416) 890-4441 or on our website

Coming in April:

Our new SWAG Line!!! All sizes will be available in studio for you to try on. Once you find your perfect piece of B.E.S Swag all you have to do is text (416) 890-4441 with your order or you can also purchase on our website in our SWAG Shop

Body Evolution Studios will be re-opening March 1st 2021

Body Evolution Studios is excited to announce that we will be opening our doors and resuming in studio classes as of March 1 st 2021. We have missed you all so much! We are so excited that the government has lifted the lockdown and we are once again able to have in studio classes. Thank you to everyone for all of the love and support we received over the past year, it is because of all of you that we are able to keep our doors open. While these are still uncertain times we will do what we can to keep everyone safe and happy 🙂

Here is our March 2021 Schedule filled with amazing classes for you to enjoy. Please check with us if you have any questions about class levels before booking in.

Body Evolution Studios has some of the best instructors around. We are so proud to have such an incredible team of ladies on staff, always ready and excited to teach our equally incredible students.
Here is our March 2021 Line up:

Riley will be teaching Street Jazz on Monday’s at 6 pm

Trissy will be teaching Inverted Tricks & Inverted Combo’s on Monday’s and Intro to Inverts & Inverted Tricks on Thursday’s

Kally will be teaching Yoga on Tuesday’s at 6 pm

Kiersten will be teaching Floorwork & Spins on Tuesday’s

Lisa will be teaching Beginner Spins & Transitions and Intermediate Spins & Transitions on Wednesday’s

Jacqueline will be teaching Choreography on Thursdays & Saturday’s

Brittany will be teaching Beginner Spins, Intermediate Transitions, and Strength Training on Sunday’s.

Here is everything you need to know about our
March 1st 2021 studio re-opening:

1. We will be operating on a month by month basis until full restrictions have lifted, at which point we will resume offering our 8 week programs
2. All pole classes & workshops will have a max 5 students per class. Yoga & Street Jazz will have a max of 9 students per class
3. All classes on file are now used as Drop In Classes
4. Any purchases for workshops that were unable to run due to the December 2020 lockdown, will be honoured for any March 2021 workshops
5. All classes & workshops must be pre booked
6. You will now be able to book your classes for the entire month
7. All bookings will be done on a first come first serve basis
8. No Shows and Cancellations within 24 hrs will be charged at full price
9. Waitlists will be available for all classes & workshops
10. Additional classes will be added to the schedule as needed

Sunday Funday Workshops for March 2021

Sunday March 7th 12:30pm-2:30pm Exotic With Kim
Sunday March 7th 3pm-5pm Exotic with Kim

Sunday March 14th 12:30pm-2:30pm Inverted Transitions with Tiff

Sunday March 21st 12:30pm-1:30pm Conditioning with Trissy
Sunday March 21st 2pm-3pm Conditioning with Trissy

Sunday March 28th 12:30pm-2:30pm Strength & Spins with Brittany

That is everything for this newsletter. Thank you once again for all of your continued love and support. Can’t wait to see you back in the studio.

Jacqueline & Tia Maria

January 2021 here we come!!!

Welcome to 2021 Body Evolution Studios style

In this Newsletter you will find the following:

  • January 2021 Zoom Room Schedule
  • January Unlimited Fitness Membership Sale
  • New Online Fitness Programming
  • New Online Evening Programming
  • New 28 Day Challenges

Here is our January 2021 Zoom Room Schedule!

Check it out! We have added 15 min and 30 min morning workouts Monday to Thursday as a part of our Fitness Programming.

How it works:

You can join any of the morning fitness classes by purchasing either the Monthly Unlimited Fitness Membership for $25.00 (January Special) or you can join for $5.00 per class or if you have regular classes on your account you can convert them into Zoom Room classes!!! (1 regular Studio class = 4 Zoom Room fitness classes)

We’ve also added evening programs for you to enjoy

How they work:

You can join any of the evening programs by purchasing per class for $7.00 a class, or purchasing the entire month for $25.00 per program or by converting your Studio classes into Zoom room classes (1 regular Studio class = 3 zoom program classes)

Can’t wait to see you all there!!! Classes start January 4th

Text (416) 890-4441 to book your spot


That’s right, for the entire month of January you can purchase our Monthly Unlimited Fitness Membership for only $25.00!!!!

That gives you access to over 45 workouts a month!!! All you have to do is choose your daily workout ( 15min, 30 min or 60 min ) text (416) 890-4441 to reserve your spot and log into our Zoom Room! Then get ready to get moving and sweat it out in the comfort of your living room!



New to our Fitness programming:


We have added this amazing 30 min class, Wednesday’s at 10:20 am with Riley!!! If you love to dance, and love to get your body moving to the music, this class is perfect for you! and it is included in our Monthly Unlimited Fitness Membership, or you can pay per class for only $5.00


For the month of January (or until restrictions are lifted) we bring you our Online Evening Programs:

Monday’s at 6pm we have Street Jazz with Riley

Tuesday’s at 6pm we have Yoga with Kally

Wednesday’s at 6pm we have Low Flow Floor Work with Kiersten

Thursday’s at 6pm we have Stripplastic with Alena

All of these classes are designed with you in mind! They are here to keep you moving and keep you dancing!!

You can purchase per class for $7.00 or purchase the entire month for $25.00 per program

All you have to do is text (416) 890-4441 to register


28 Day Challenges

Keeping us connected, moving and accountable!

28 Days to make it a habit

28 days of accountability

28 Days of working side by side with BES through each challenge

28 Days of cheering each other on

28 Days to make a change

28 days of feeling great

$5.00 per challenge or $20.00 for all 5 challenges.


You will receive a google tracking calendar to mark your progress and make notes, a post-able tracking calendar, access to our BES ‘Challenge Accepted’ Facebook Group, a community of fans here ready to cheer you on and help keep you focused and ……. a chance to win the monthly prize!!

And that’s it, that’s all for today’s Newsletter 🙂 Thank you for all of your continued support, and we can’t wait until we are all back in the studio together. We hope you enjoy these online programs in the meantime and please message anytime with any questions or just to chat 😉